Q: What is the percentage of certified organic ingredients in the Just Pure skin and body care range?

A: We use the highest possible concentration of certified and wild harvest ingredients in our range, and use cold-pressed, certified organic plant oils where possible as the base. However we do not exclusively use certified organic ingredients, as the organic certifications can be very onerous. Although some of our 100% pure natural ingredients oils do carry official organic certification, some growers are so small and very remote, with the result that they cannot get, nor afford official organic certification – although they farm the plant material as they have done for centuries. Organic certification is highly fashionable right now, but we believe that if plant material is grown and harvested in a sustainable and natural way, the quality is what is highly acceptable. All our suppliers are smaller family-based farms, and they do not rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to make their plants grow or to keep them healthy – unlike some large industrial growers. So, although some of our oils are not all certified “organic”, since the cost of certification is too high for smaller farmers, our oils are produced in a pure and natural way, and thus maintains the purity, quality and consistency of our products.

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