baby essential travel trial pack

R 250

this baby travel trial pack has everything you need to keep baby clean, protected, soft and nurtured from head to toe.


shampoo and body wash 5ml

a gentle was for baby's skin and hair. promotes relaxation and overall well-being.

add to running water in the bath, or onto a damp sponge or washcloth and wipe over skin. use as a shampoo taking care to avoid eyes. also suitable for adults with sensitive skin.


bath and body oil 5ml

baby massage enhances the mother-baby bond, provides a calming experience, improves sleep patterns, improves circulation, helps develop sensory awareness and can help soothe infant tummies and support digestion.

for a soothing baby bath: add a small amount of oil to warm water in the baby bath, bath baby without using any soap.

for baby massage warm a small quantity of oil in your hands and massage into baby's skin while making eye contact for baby bonding.


body lotion 5ml

keep baby's skin velvety soft and support skin's moisture balance with this gentle calendula infused baby lotion.

apply over baby's body and gently massage.


barrier balm 5ml

soothe, nurture and calm baby's delicate skin with this very effective balm. use as a protective barrier on the nappy area. also suitable for soothing any dry skin areas on the body.

maximum protection for use on skin rashes, cheeks and body creases. warm and soften small amount and use as required.


antiseptic spray 5ml

natural non-toxic antibacterial spray for germ-free surface and environment. use as a multi-purpose general disinfectant spray.

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