reed diffusers

R 465

the simple elegance of the just pure scented reed diffuser enhances the aesthetics of any room environment. handcrafted with pure and natural essential oils our reed diffusers release scent for months at a time. a safe, pleasant and natural way to diffuse continuous fragrance in the home or work environment.

how to use

when using for the first time, insert all reeds into the diffuser oil, and soak reeds on both ends. to maximise the use of your diffuser, turn the reeds around when required to increase the scent distribution.


carrier oil, aqua, alcohol, essential oils.

choose your scent from:

signature - frankincense, cedarwood, myrrh and rose blend

geranium - geranium blend

lavender citrus - lavender, lemongrass, lime blend.

fynbos - geranium, lavender, rosemary, buchu, helichrysum.

warning: keep away from open flames or heated areas. keep away from children and pets. avoid contact with eyes. wash hands thoroughly after use. avoid spilling of contents when rotating reeds.

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